What can your iPhone do?

With over 30,000 apps in the app store, you can be sure that there is one that fits the exact requirements of your job. Whether you’re looking for a taxi, finding the nearest restaurant, looking up cinema times, or even looking for a date, there is an app for it.

Cover art created on the iPhone

Cover art created on the iPhone

One New York artist took this concept one step further, and dropped his watercolours and brushes in favour of his iPhone. Jorge Colombo used an app on his iPhone to create the front cover of The New Yorker in an hour - standing outside Madame Tussaud’s in Times Square.

Mr. Colombo bought his iPhone in February, and downloaded the app called Brushes from the app store for $4.99 as a means to keep himself entertained. Little did he realise that he would use this technology in such a creative fashion (see the video here).

This highlights a very important point that the iPhone user interface, gestures and finger tracking is created with such ergonomic and human feel that it is easy to just pick an app, and start using it. Ofcourse, the apps are created by third party developers, but they still conform to Apple’s guidelines on human interface design.

The iPhone consumer market is growing at such a rapid pace, and as the technology evolves, we are sure to see more professionals like Mr. Colombo embracing this technology and using it to further their productivity.

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